The Man Behind The Camera

If a picture is worth a thousand words then A megapixel is worth a million... pixels...

Mathew Carpenter has been practicing the art of photography since the start of his senior year in high school in 1994. He has shot weddings, sporting events, corporate promotions, night club performances, red carpet movie premieres, animal and people portraits, celebrities, model portfolios, headshots, architecture, nature and wildlife. In this website you will find a few select images from an ever growing library of over 10,000 photos. Mathew edits his digital images with the aid of Adobe Photoshop software. Some of the photos have been enhanced using the software to create one of a kind images not see anywhere else.

Mathew's main passion for photography comes from a desire to create images that get attention. Changing angles, zooming in close, composition and photo structure are the main things Mathew strives to keep fresh when shooting. Mathew is a huge fan of William Wegman, known for his unique and original photography of Weimaraners. Mathew often reads books by photographer Scott Kelby, the author of many digital photography books and is also the Editor In Chief of Photoshop User Magazine.


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